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Tumble Program

Saturday night fun night 


 Make sure you have filled out our wavier

  • Not a member, save time and fill it out now! 

  • You are a member (tumble athlete or allstar cheerleader); we have you on file!


Saturday: 4pm -7pm

5 years and up


Must be potty trained and able to

communicate with our staff


$5 per hour per member of the gym

$10 per hour per non-member of the gym


**Late pick-up will be an additional $10 per 30mins. **


Snacks & Drinks are sold by CEA, in our lobby store.


CEA Skills Night  

Saturday 7-9pm

$5 per hour per allstar cheerleader


This time is to be taken serious by CEA allstar cheerleaders to work on their skills with their team mates on their own time. supervised by a coach.  Any children running around, socializing or just playing would be asked to leave.


CEA Open Gym
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