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Drop off/ Pick Up

Athletes can be dropped off 5 minutes before class/practice starts. They are to stay in the lobby until their coach comes to get them. Parents must stay with their children if dropped off any sooner. 

Pick up is in the back of the building. (This allows safety and a smooth transition for the next class setting in the lobby.)  At the end of each class, parents, guardians, etc. will drive around to the back where the coach will send out each child as parents pull around. This includes those who stay and watch their athlete. 

Parent Viewing

We have a designated lobby area for parents who wish to stay and watch. 

Only athletes and instructors are

permitted to enter the gym, unless other instruction is given via the coaches. 


Tuition is due on the first of every month. All members must have a card on file. If parents wish to pay athletes tuition with cash or check, it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the gym each month, and cash/check tuition payments must be in before the first of the month, otherwise your account on file will be charge. For every week tuition is unpaid we charge a $25 late fee, any unpaid accounts after 30-days will result in athlete enrollment termination until tuition, late fees, and re-registration fee is paid.

When enrolling in class we require an annual registration fee of $45. 

If an athlete/parent wishes to pulled from the gyms program we require a 30-day notification.

All sales are final and non-refundable. 

Class Make-Up 

Athletes are allowed to make-up one class/month, any other missed classes will be made-up with an open gym credit. This includes if the gym has to shut down due to weather, etc. Tuition covers at minimum 1 class/week for 4 weeks. Some Months have 5 weeks, so therefore 5 classes, because of this we also will not prorate tuition. 

Athlete Attire

Athletes are required to have hair up, out of their face in a ponytail/bun. No jewelry is allowed while in class, no exceptions. Athletes must wear clothes they can move around in such as, shorts, leggings, sweat pants, t-shirt, tank top, and/or sports bra. Athletes that don't meet the standards will have to sit out of class. 


Carolina Elite has a zero tolerance bullying/harassment policy. This includes all forms such as physical, verbal, sexual, online, etc. 

If an athlete is caught bullying/harassing any other athlete enrolled in our system, it will result in immediate termination from the program. 

Lost & Found 

Carolina Elite at the end of every month will donate any lost and found items not claimed. We send out an email and also post on social media for final notice

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