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Prep Team is a half year Competitive Cheer sport designed to have something for people of all ages and abilities from September to April.  Athletes are placed on teams with athletes of similar age and ability. Team placement is crucial and important to our gym to compete at our best. Competitive cheer does not involve any actual “Cheering” these days.  Routines are performed to a set time of music and involve stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance.  Our action packed exciting routines get the blood pumping as much for the crowd as they do for the athletes on the mat.

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Join one of our Prep Teams!

Our prep team athletes are those who are ready to challenge themselves, and experience competing in the competitive cheerleading world but not quite ready for a full elite season. Prep teams will practice for an hour to hour and a half once a week.  They will have 3 competitions throughout the season.  This is a great program to get started in competitive cheerleading.  

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