Check Out Our Tumbling Classes

                        Our tumbling program is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for something fun and challenging for your child.

                     Our athletes work at their own pace to gain individual skills, while in the appropriate age and skill level 50-minute class.


Mini Beginner (ages 4-6) 

(Must be potty trained)

Forward/backward rolls/cartwheels

round offs/ bridges 


Tumble 1 Beginner

(ages 7-18)

Forward/backward rolls/ Cartwheels

Round offs/Backbends/kick-overs

Tumble 2

Standing Back Handsprings ( All Variations) - Running Back Handsprings ( All Variations) 

Tumble 3 

Standing Tucks - Punch Fronts - Ariel's - Running Tucks ( All Variations)



 Running Layouts ( All Variations) - Running Full(All Variations) - Standing Full - Arabians