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What is Cheer Fundamentals? 

Cheer Fundamentals is a 6-Week team program that introduces beginning athletes to competitive cheerleading. In this 6-week program athletes will learn the foundations of being a capable young athlete. Not only will they learn all about performance/competitive cheer, but they will learn the importance of teamwork, goal setting, strong work ethic, and communication.


What to Expect?


Athletes will start with the foundations of cheer to include: some tumbling, jumping, stunting, dancing, and motions. They will receive a T-shirt and Bow that they will wear to class. Over the course of the session the coaches will utilize the skills learned to build a performance routine.



The routine is a one minute and thirty second performance that showcases the skills the athletes have learned and their own individual strengths. Athletes will work together to master the skills and routine.


6 Week Sessions 



January 9th – April 18th


Tuesday Practices: 7:00 – 8:00p (Athletes 5 – 9 years old)


Thursday Practices 7:00 – 8:00p (Athletes 10 – 15 years old)



Performance showcase are always the last day of the 6-week program. Parents are welcome to come see their kids showcase at the last 15min of the class.



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