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At CEA we strive to create a positive atmosphere for the athletes so that they are at optimal learning capacity. We believe in perfection before progression, we teach through skill not to the skill. This means that the foundation of each skill needs fine tuning through drills and a deep dive into understanding how drills apply to each skill. 


"If you have joined this gym or are considering joining this gym, I want you to know just how extremely blessed you are. We were at CEA for only 1 year (due to us moving) and I can’t tell you how much my child grew her skills and love for the sport during this time. Coach Dani pushed her to her full abilities, and although some nights she would leave practice crying because some stunts were hard, she (at 9 years old) said she knew she was being pushed because she can do it. She ended up hitting the skills and growing so much. We ended up moving 4.5 hours away and joined a different cheer gym. My daughter has had the worst time being yelled at and called names instead of just being pushed. There’s a difference in coaching/pushing someone to try harder and saying mean things to them to tear them down. We miss CEA so very much. We knew no one at that gym when we joined, yet we were welcomed in and loved on and cared about. CEA, for us, is the perfect example of what a cheer gym should be. So yes, if I could drive the 4.5 hours a couple times a week for my daughter to go there I would. That’s why I say, if you are there, consider yourself blessed to being coached by some of the greatest coaches who will push your kids, but love on your kids even more. We still love you CEA and we’re cheering you on this season all the way from Hickory, NC!"

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